• The Global Leader in Diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Certification
  • The Premier Independent Certificate that evaluates diamond beauty by measuring Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle
  • Every Regal Elegance Diamond is certified by GemEx with high or better ratings for Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle
  • When you buy Regal Elegance Diamonds with a GemEx Light Performance® Certificate, you know how your diamond performs
The Bar Graphs: 

The bar graphs on each certificate show you the diamond’s rating compared to all other diamonds of the same shape. GemEx set the scales for each diamond shape by measuring tens of thousands of diamonds to determine the range of brilliance, fire and sparkle possible. 

The five light measurements: 

These measurements show how the diamond will look when you are wearing it.  What makes a diamond show its brilliance, fire and sparkle is the way the diamond plays with light. This is measured by moving the diamond or the light.  GemEx ensures accurate brilliance, fire and sparkle measurement by measuring the diamond at multiple light positions.