The Regal Elegance Collection features diamonds which are selected for their beauty beyond all expectations. We invite you to see them for yourself and discover how bright and beautiful a diamond can be when cut to the highest standards.

Round and Princess cut diamonds larger than 0.20ct, are measured by GEMEX to prove their extraordinary ability to sparkle and reflect light. The results of this superior brilliance can be found in the GemEx Light Performance® report.

In 2013 the REGAL Elegance Collection is proud to offer Ideal Cuts and Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Rounds and Princess diamonds as the main center stone in the ring are cut to such exacting standards they achieve the prestigious Ideal Cut rating as defined by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). In addition to this, in the round center stones you can now find the highly coveted Hearts and Arrows Cut. This beautiful pattern symbolizes love and also attests to the absolute highest attention to detail in cutting your diamond. This pattern can be seen through a Hearts and Arrows viewer.

Lastly, the Regal Elegance Collection now features new and exciting bridals with fancy shapes such as Pears, Ovals, Marquises and Emeralds as centers. These shapes are extremely beautiful adding a new dimension to the Regal Elegance Collection.

When choosing a diamond which will communicate your love and commitment, consider a Regal Elegance Collection diamond to ensure it is one of the most beautiful in the world.